BMFA - Personal Reflections Show

In January, the BMFA launched a Personal Reflections Show.

"What makes you feel good and is important to you, in this time of chaos and uncertainty?"

Personal Reflections 2021 Gallery and Online Exhibit,
My submission: 
Winter Forest Reflections
Oil on canvas
10 x 12
Living in Collingwood gives me access to nature. Whether it is the shores of Georgian Bay, with waves crashing and skies brooding, or whether it is the serenity of an old maple growth forest towering over my head, with birdsong and wind rustling the leaves, nature is my "church". It is where I go to fill up my depleted energy, to recharge my soul when I am weary. I always come away from time spent in nature feeling soothed, like I am ready to face the world of man again, and as a better person. 
This painting represents the feeling of energy and wonder I get during a walk in the woods. 
Winter is my favourite season, and creativity is then ignited  .... a desire to create something outside of me to balance the feelings I have within. 
To quote Hannah Rothschild:
Art only survives by striking a chord in someone's heart and offering solace and reassurance. A great picture is the distillation of emotion, offering an empathetic hand across time and circumstance. A wonderful composition inspires sympathy and harmony.
So I share this painting with you in the hopes of sharing my feelings of harmony and solace received from time spent in nature. In the face of these times of uncertainty and chaos, we need to share positive experiences. 

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